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Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

What is cache? Images, text or sound files from web sites you've visited.
What is a cookie?- A file that stores personalized content while visiting a web site.
Why delete cache and cookies? Older cache and cookies can interfere with newer site code.

Step #1 - Obtain your operating system (Windows or Mac OS X)
Step #2 - Obtain your browser and browser version. (If you do not know your OS or Browser information, click here)
Step #3 - Click on the link below for step by step instructions:

Ask the member to look on the lower and upper corners on the left side of their screen.
  1. By default, the Windows toolbar is always docked at the bottom of the screen. The Start menu or Windows logo displayed in the lower left corner. A start menu indicates Windows operating system (i.e. Win XP). A windows logo indicates a Windows operating system.
  2. By default, Mac OS X has its toolbar docked at the top of the screen. The Apple icon is displayed in the upper left corner. An apple icon in the upper left corner indicates a Mac OS X operating system.

For Windows OS, ask the member to click on Help located in the top right of the browsers menu bar, and select "About". If the Help menu is not visible, advise the user to press the Alt key on their keyboard to display the menus.
For Mac OS X, ask the user to look on the menu to the far left which will display what kind of browser the member is using. To find the version, click on the menu on the far left (i.e. Safari) and select "About"

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Click on Tools menu.
  2. If the Tools menu is not visible, advise the user to press the Alt Key on their keyboard to display the menus.
  3. Click on Delete Browsing History.
  4. Check the boxes next to Temporary Internet files and Cookies. Make sure all other boxes are unchecked.
  5. Click the Delete button.

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools menu.
  2. If the tools menu is not visible, advise the user to press the Alt key on their keyboard to display the menus.
  3. Select Delete Browsing History
  4. Click the Delete files button next to Temporary Internet Files. Click Yes in the confirmation window.
  5. Click the Delete cookies button next to Cookies. Click the Yes button in the confirmation window.
  6. Click the Close button.

  1. Click on Tools menu
  2. Select Clear Private Data
  3. Check the boxes next to Cache and Cookies
  4. Click the Clear Private Data Now button

    Clearing Cache:
  1. Click the Safari or Edit menu.
  2. If the Edit menu is not visible, advise the user to press the Alt key on their keyboard to display the menus.
  3. Select Empty Cache.
  4. Click Empty.
    Clearing Cookies:
  1. Click Safari or the Edit menu.
  2. If the Edit menu is not visible, advise the user to press the Alt key on their keyboard to display the menus.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Click Security.
  5. Click Show Cookies.
  6. Click Remove All.
  7. Click Done to close the cookies list.

What alternative payment options are available?

There are several alternative payment methods available if you would like to purchase a Premium membership and credit card payment is not an option for you:
  • Debit Card
  • Electronic Check
  • iDeal
  • ELV
  • Phone Bill (limited)
  • SMS Mobile (limited)
  • Click here to know our Premium plans.

Will the website I purchased appear on my statement?

No, your statement will not show the name of the website. "*DC Paynet" is the statement that will appear.

How do I continue or renew my X Dating Club subscription?

You don't have to do anything to continue your X Dating Club membership. As a courtesy, Premium memberships will automatically renew unless cancelled. Our system is completely automated, as we want to make using X Dating Club as easy as possible for our members.

You can, however, contact us for prompt and courteous support at any time if you have any problems whatsoever.

What are some tips to remember when creating my profile?

The number of replies you get from other members will depend greatly on the quality of your profile. Here are some helpful tips:

Upload a photograph: People like to see who they're writing to: profiles with photographs get up to twenty times more clicks as profiles without them. You can upload a photo here.

Think before you write: Feel free to write as much as you want in your profile. Tell other members about yourself: your likes and dislikes, things you enjoy doing, what line of work you're in, what your personality is like, even your hopes and dreams. The better your profile describes you, the more likely it is that others will read and respond to it. If you can't think of anything right away, you can always add more later. And don't forget to fill out the optional profile questions - these will also help other members get to know you even better.

How do I update my profile?

To update your profile:
  1. Log into the site using your email and password.
  2. Click on the "Profile" link.
  3. There are four links in the Profile section that you can use to update your profile:
  • "Personal Info" contains the most crucial information about you (details about you, birthday, age, location, etc.).
  • "Appearance" contains vital data about your features, from height and body type to hair color.
  • "Social Habits" helps to fill in the details about you, such as your level of hobbies, education, occupation, and marital status.
  • "Cupid" is your automatic matching system that helps you meet the right people.
Note: All profiles and photos are subject to our approval process and may take anywhere between 24-72 hours to review.

How do I view Private Photos?

Private photos are for those members who wish to remain anonymous online, preferring only to reveal themselves to those they choose. If a person with a private photos sends you a Friend Request, it means that they're interested in you and inviting you to see their profile photos.

Private photos show only a generic image as its icon. You can control who sees your private photos by inviting or adding people via a Friend Request. You can make your private photos here.

How do I use the Instant Messenger?

X Dating Club's HTML Instant Messenger is the same as any instant message service, except in this case you are only messaging people who are currently logged in to the site. To use the Instant Messenger, you can either click "Launch Instant Messenger" on members profiles, or click "IM" on search lists, or set it to automatically open when you login by clicking "Privacy Settings" in the nav bar and then clicking "Enable IM Alert."

In order to ignore another member while using your Instant Messenger, you will need to click on the "Ignore" button when they page you. This "ignore" lasts until you close out the Instant Messenger. Once you open the Instant Messenger again, the block will be removed and this member will be able to page you again.

What's the best way to connect with other members while travelling?

Change here your city / state to the area you'll be travelling to. As soon as you know where you're headed, change location in your X Dating Club profile and add a note like "Will be in New York 2/20 to 3/21. Locals, please contact me and let's get together!" Make it easy for people to know where you'll be, and when you'll be there. Giving them as much of a heads up as you can will allow busy people (and hot people are always busy!) the notice that they need to make room in their schedule for you. Changing your location to your destination means you come up in searches for that area, and allows members in that area to contact you.

Use the Search feature to find members near your destination. Click on "Search" in the X Dating Club navigation bar, and enter the location you'll be travelling to and the gender(s) that you're seeking. Click the "Search Now" button, and your results will appear. We suggest sending those members that interest you an email before you travel to let them know when you'll be in their city. Ask them out for a drink or more, and include any common interests you two may have - or ask them if they'd like to be your personal tour guide for their hometown You can contact members as far in advance as you like, and you can also contact members when you're already in town to suggest a spontaneous get-together.

How do I use X Dating Club's Search feature?

Click on "Search" in the X Dating Club navigation bar. Enter your location and the gender(s) that you're seeking. You can also enter sexual interests and age preferences, and look for those that are online now, who have photos uploaded, who are in Video Chat or who have just registered. Click the "Search Now" button, and your results will appear.

How do I turn on/off my Auto-Search email?

To turn on/off Auto-SearchReports:
  1. Log into the site using your email and password.
  2. Click on the "Settings" link.
  3. Click on the "Notification Settings" link.
  4. Click on the "Disable Auto-Search" button.