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Your Mailbox

X Dating Club makes it easy to get results! Check out these answers to frequently asked questions from new users about your profile and using the X Dating Club site.

How do I read my messages?

To view your messages, follow these simple steps:
  1. Log in to X Dating Club using your email and password.
    (Note: If you are a standard member you get directed to the upgrade page automatically. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the free features that are available on our site. When the upgrade page appears, simply click the "Mail" link in the top left corner of the page. The same free features are still available to you, as well as access to your message center)
  2. To view your messages, click on the text link (the Subject line) in the mailbox of your page.
    (Note: Private messages with a red padlock can only be read by Premium members)
  3. Click on the appropriate buttons to Reply, Save, Close or Delete the email.
Your mailbox also allows you the option of view folders of Junk messages, Saved messages, Deleted messages, and Sent messages.

How do I send messages?

Click on the "Send Message" link below someone's photo to write them a message.

If you've already received a message from them, just click "Reply" to write back.

How do I reply messages?

  1. Log into X Dating Club with your email and password.
  2. Click the "Mail" link in the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the subject link in the inbox for the message you wish to respond to.
    (Note: Messages from the site cannot be responded to)
  4. Write your reply in the text area below the email.
  5. Click the "Reply" button.

What is a Message Filter?

The Message Filters enable you to view emails only from those people who interest you most. You can choose any of the options listed to filter your messages. To use filters, go to your "Mailbox" and select a Filter on the right side of your page. There are five filters:
  • All messages: The mailbox shows all your messages.
  • New messages: The system will list the new messages received since your last visit to X Dating Club.
  • Unread messages: Only your unread messages are listed.
  • Premiums: Only messages sent by Premium members are shown.
    (Note: Non-Premium members can reply for free the messages received by Premium members)
  • Only with photo: You will only see messages sent by members with a photo.

What are Message Folders?

Your mailbox is sorted by category folders:
  • Received: The messages you've received by other members including winks, kisses, requests, and X Dating Club notifications. (Note: Non-Premium's messages older than 90 days will be deleted automatically)
  • Junk: The messages you've marked as spam are sent to this folder. (Note: Messages older than 30 days will be deleted automatically)
  • Saved: The messages you received can be saved on your Saved Folder.
  • Trash: The messages you've deleted. (Note: Messages older than 10 days will be deleted automatically)
  • Sent: The messages you've sent. (Note: Messages older than 30 days awill be deleted automatically)

How will I know if there's a message waiting for me?

We'll send you an email alert if you're not logged on. Email alerts are switched on by default, but you can opt out. Just go to "Notification Settings" and click on the "Disable Email Notifications" button.

How do I turn my notifications on / off?

Email notifications are switched on by default, but you can opt out. Just go to "Notification Settings" and click on the "Disable / Enable Email Notifications" button.

Why can't I find the message which I received a notification for?

The message may have been sent by someone whose profile has been taken down by our moderators.

We have to make sure that no-one uses X Dating Club to send spam, so if we spot lots of very similar messages coming from one person, we'll take a closer look and may stop their account.

When this happens, all their sent messages are deleted permanently.

If you've received a message that looks suspiciously like spam, or offends you in any way, click the "Mark as spam" link to let our moderators know.

How can I block a member from emailing me?

To block a member from sending emails to your Mailbox, click on the "Block" link in his / her profile page.

You can un-block someone at any time. Click "Blocked" on the left of the homepage, find the person you want to un-block and click "Unblock".